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PENSCO in the News

Are Taxes Lurking in Your Tax-Free Retirement Account?

By Laura Saunders

Investments in items like hedge funds, limited partnerships could lead to surprise tax bill Fanny Handel, a retiree in Queens, N.Y., was stunne... More »

Let Your Clients Buy the Farm and Manage the Risk

By Grace Williams

The market’s euphoric run-up has investors jittery, but is it time for clients to take money out of the market and invest instead in some real es... More »

IRAs Gone Wild: How To Invest In Private Equity, Real Estate, Gold

By Ashlea Ebeling

A record $7.5 trillion is sitting in individual retirement accounts, the bull market is looking tired, and the Internal Revenue Service’s army of... More »

Opus Taps Director to Lead Trust Business

By Joseph Kellard

Opus Bank in Irvine, Calif., has tapped one of its directors to lead a recently acquired business. The $7.5 billion-asset company said in a pres... More »

Pensco taps ex-Fortress MD as chairman and CEO

By Iris Dorbian

Pensco Trust Company, an Opus Bank subsidiary, has named Curtis A. Glovier chairman and CEO. Glovier is a former managing director at Fortress In... More »

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