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Property Investing Basics: Important Facts about Buying Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA

  |  By Chris Shanahan

Regardless of how experienced you are, real estate investing comes with a learning curve—a curve can be even steeper when buying property for the... More »

Non-Recourse Loans in a Self-Directed IRA to Buy Real Estate

  |  By Chris Shanahan

As a result of my upcoming wedding, I’ve been meeting a lot of soon-to-be in-laws who are interested in what I do. After overcoming the initial s... More »

Real Estate Due Diligence: What Type of Investor are You?

  |  By Chris Shanahan

Using a self-directed IRA to buy a single family rental home has the potential to be a rewarding retirement investment strategy, where you can gr... More »

Using Your IRA to Pay for College

  |  By Patrick Hughes

Many investors use their self-directed IRA to fund their retirement by investing in what they know and love. But some investors may also use fund... More »

Self-Directed IRA Rules: Understanding Who is a Disqualified Person

  |  By Chris Shanahan

When it comes to investing IRA dollars, many investors don't realize there are actually very few assets you cannot invest in. While the IRS is ve... More »

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