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Looking to Save on Taxes? Contributing to an IRA Before Tax Day May Help

  |  By Deanna Fong

Tax season is here and that means many Americans are searching for ways to lower their tax bill. One way you may be able to take a deduction is b... More »

A Primer: IRA Fair Market Value Reporting Requirements

  |  By Deanna Fong

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report in December (2016) recommending that the IRS provide clearer guidance for retirement... More »

Your IRA Required Minimum Distribution: You asked. We answered.

  |  By Deanna Fong

One of the big advantages of saving for your retirement with a traditional self-directed IRA is that earnings and gains can grow tax deferred. Ho... More »

Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules For Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

  |  By Deanna Fong

Using a Roth IRA, you can save for retirement by making contributions[1] with after-tax dollars, allowing the investments in your retirement acco... More »

Are We Facing a DOL Fiduciary Rule Delay? What Retirement Investors Should Know

  |  By Patrick Hughes

Is the Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule facing a delay? That is the issue confronting the financial industry and retirement investors a... More »

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