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PENSCO is celebrating 30 years of business!

Learn more about our journey to becoming one of the most experienced alternative asset custodians serving individuals and institutions since 1989.

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Sometimes, you have to knock
on opportunity’s door

With a PENSCO self-directed IRA you can invest in almost any form of real estate, from commercial properties to residential "flips." It could be the difference between a good retirement plan and a great one.

You just need a deal and PENSCO. Once you do, you can do more with your retirement savings.

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Give your IRA a StartUp

Add private equity to your retirement strategy with a PENSCO self-directed IRA. Whether you're investing in hedge funds and private funds or start-ups and pre-IPO ventures, you'll enjoy more opportunities to help grow your wealth.

You just need a deal and PENSCO. Once you do, you can do more with your retirement savings.

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Enjoy the best of both worlds

Invest for retirement with a PENSCO self-directed IRA. You'll enjoy the tax benefits of an IRA plus the freedom to pursue your own investment strategy.

You just need a deal and PENSCO. Once you do, you can do more with your retirement savings.

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“I definitely recommend PENSCO's Customer Service group for going above and beyond in their professionalism. It is really nice to have a domestic customer service team that can handle questions promptly and effectively.”

Laura T.
Wilmington, NC

“I am happy to refer anyone needing professional IRA information to PENSCO. In a world where people don't speak to one another anymore, and service exists in such few places, I feel fortunate to have found Alaine, Aron and PENSCO to help me. ”

Bill O.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“If you want private placements in your retirement account, go to PENSCO. It will be a smooth and transparent experience.”

Peter G.

“When I wanted an option to invest my retirement funds in real estate, my finance professional recommended PENSCO. Unlike some others, PENSCO has been hassle-free and I've always been able to get help when I needed it.”

John W.

“I really see my PENSCO account as the ultimate investment vehicle. The people at PENSCO have treated me right.”

Justin J.

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