Equity Trading Process

Mutual Funds

PENSCO Trust Company offers our clients and their appointed financial representatives to hold mutual funds within the retirement account which provides access to trade over 6,500 mutual funds. Trades can be submitted by contacting our client services department or by completing the Standard Investment Authorization form via the mail.

Equity Trading

The client or Financial Representative opens up a DVP (Delivery vs Payment) account at the broker dealer of their choice using PENSCO Trust Company DTC instructions. As part of the account set up PTC must be designated to receive ID trade confirms. No margin accounts can be set up in these retirement plans.

If the client doesn't have a specific broker dealer they can open up an account through LTC Investments who can be reached at 1-800-655-8366. LTC Investments is not affiliated with PENSCO Trust Company but can act as a broker dealer for any client.

DTC Instructions

DTC #5998
AGENT ID #94099

The client is responsible for all commissions and fees attached to the trade.

Once the brokerage account has been opened the client can begin executing trades. The trades will electronically flow through DTC to PENSCO for processing and settlement.