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PENSCO in the News

The Truth About Your Financial Advisor

Mark J. Kohler

Wall Street doesn’t understand the small-business entrepreneur. Your business is of no interest to them. Unless your business is driving billions... Read this article »

Should You Invest Your I.R.A. in Friends, Family or Charitable Work?

By Abby Ellin

About five years ago, a good friend of William C. Brown, a tax lawyer in Des Moines, lost his job. The friend’s wife ran a child-care center in a... Read this article »

Self-Directed IRAs Are Risky, But For Whom?

By Bryan Ellis

In 2011, when the SEC published a notice concerning the risk of fraud in self-directed IRAs, conventional financial professionals were quick to c... Read this article »

Powell: Buying bitcoin to fund retirement? Make sure it fits plans

Robert Powell

A big British bank is considering bringing Bitcoin 'into play.' Barclays CEO Ashok Vaswani has spoken to regulators about engaging with the crypt... Read this article »

PENSCO Named Successor for Merrill Lynch Retirement Accounts

DI Wire

PENSCO Trust Company, an alternative asset IRA custodian and subsidiary of Opus Bank (Nasdaq: OPB), entered into an agreement with Merrill Lynch... Read this article »

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