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Crowdfunding Portals Set Sites on Secondary Markets

  |  By Christopher Orr

As the doors open for more investors to buy stakes in early-stage start-up companies through equity crowdfunding and “mini-IPOs,” I’ve been keepi... More »

A Q&A on Owning Single-Family Homes in an IRA

  |  By Michael Howe

Buying a single-family home to hold as an investment property is a popular strategy among self-directed IRA holders. Investors can benefit not on... More »

Investing in Real Estate? Don’t Ignore IRA Funds

  |  By Michael Howe

With the US housing market rebounding and the economic recovery strengthening, real estate is an increasingly attractive asset class for investor... More »

IRA Rules: The Difference Between IRA Custodians & Admins

  |  By Eileen Loustau

As self-directed IRA services grow in popularity, we’ve seen a lot of “IRA companies” pop up in the industry in order to meet the demand. For exa... More »

Traditional vs Roth IRAs: An Unexpected Factor that Prompts Conversions

  |  By Eileen Loustau

What motivates an IRA owner to make a withdrawal from their account? It’s easy to assume the answer is the need for retirement income, but the mo... More »

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