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An Easier Way to Invest IRA Funds in Alternative Assets [Video]

  |  By Patrick Hughes

It's a complaint that has long hounded the alternative investment industry: Investing in alternatives assets using an IRA is a complex process th... More »

The Art of a Deal: How an IRA Custodian Facilitates the Alternative Investment Process

  |  By Deanna Fong

Investors are increasingly turning to alternative investments to create a diversified retirement portfolio, yet holding alternative assets in an... More »

The Untold Story: Using Retirement Funds to Invest in Alternative Assets [Video]

  |  By Kelly Rodriques

As an entrepreneur and angel investor, I’ve spent the majority of my career in investing in and establishing startup companies. Now, as the CEO o... More »

What’s in a Word: REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

  |  By Michael Howe

With the prospect of rising interest rates on the horizon, I’m fielding a lot more questions from clients about real estate and REIT (Real Estate... More »

DOL Fiduciary Rule Allows Continued Access to Alternative Investments in IRAs

  |  By Patrick Hughes

After a nearly six-year wait and intense debate, the Department of Labor has released its finalized fiduciary rule, and those of us in the altern... More »

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