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Charitable Donations

IRA Owners: Make Qualified Charitable Distributions

  |  By Dimetra Pelekidis, CISP®, SDIP

‘Tis the season for charitable giving. Nearly one-third of charitable giving occurs in December, as Americans close out the books on the year and... Read this article »

Rocket next to three hot air balloons

Want to Invest in Startups? Regulatory Changes May Help

  |  By Christopher Orr, SDIP

Many private equity opportunities, from investing in startups to private hedge funds, are reserved for “accredited investors” — investors who mee... Read this article »

Egg on piggybank

RMDs: The Driving Factor Behind IRA Withdrawals

  |  By Justin Farian, CISP®

What motives an IRA owner to make a withdrawal from their retirement account? It’s easy to assume the answer is the need for retirement income, b... Read this article »

IRA Piggybank

Three Tips for Managing Your Inherited IRA

  |  By Dimetra Pelekidis, CISP®, SDIP

IRAs have become a popular retirement savings tool since they were introduced more than 40 years, and it’s inevitable that, as FINRA says, a new... Read this article »

A Woman Looking at her Cell Phone

Using A Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Real Estate Tech

  |  By Matthew White, CISP

Investing in real estate and startups are two popular strategies among PENSCO’s self-directed IRA clients, and now a growing investment opportuni... Read this article »

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