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Easier Way to Invest IRA Funds in Alternative Assets [Video]

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  |  By Christopher Orr, SDIP

It's a complaint that has long hounded the alternative investment industry: Investing in alternatives assets using an IRA is a complex process that is bogged down by multiple layers of people and paperwork.

But just as FinTech is transforming the banking industry, so too is it transforming the ability to invest in alternative assets using an IRA.

At PENSCO, where we custody alternative assets for our clients' self-directed IRAs, we specialize in helping investors use their retirement account funds to invest in private equity, real estate, notes and thousands of other alternative investments. Last year we launched our Alt-Nav™ online deal funding technology that has enabled us to streamline the alternative asset investment process, shortening it from weeks to days.

But how exactly does Alt-Nav help streamline alternative investing for self-directed IRA holders and capital raisers? To bring this story to life, we've created a video that highlights Alt-Nav's functionality.

By watching this video, you'll get a sense for how individual investors can use Alt-Nav to open and fund their PENSCO self-directed IRA online, and easily complete an investment authorization, which is pre-populated with a capital raiser’s deal information. The video also explains how investment sponsors can use Alt-Nav to input new investment opportunities and easily invite prospective investors to open, fund and invest with a few clicks.

At PENSCO, we are continually upgrading Alt-Nav's functionality. In February, we enhanced Alt-Nav by adding straight-through-processing (STP) technology to speed the processing of transactions. We're already seeing impressive results from this added capability. In February, 42% of our new accounts were opened online through Alt-Nav with STP. That figure rose to 69% in March and 70% in April.

We're excited about the potential for Alt-Nav to continue revolutionizing the alternative investing process, and we expect to release new functionality for advisors and wire houses in the near future.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Alt-Nav, give us a call at (855) 453-4960.

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