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Important Client Information Regarding PENSCO Re-Registration

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  |  By Taylor Close

Since announcing our efforts to upgrade website security through the re-registration project, we have received a few questions on what type of information is needed to re-register and where to find that information. The process of re-registering your PENSCO online account is simple and straightforward, if you have the necessary information available.

If you are attempting to re-register your account on Internet Explorer version 9 or lower - you will experience technical difficulties. Please use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

What Information will I need to have ready?

  • Your Current Email Address
  • Your Social Security Number and Birth Date
  • Your PENSCO Account Number

During the process you will need to choose a new username and password. For tips on creating a strong password, check out our blog

Note: Your Username cannot contain any symbols (examples: !@#$%^&*)

Where can I find my PENSCO Account Number?

Your PENSCO Account Number can be found on your account statement, if you can’t find your account statement - please give Client Service a call and they will assist you in retrieving it: 866-381-7371. Please note that the PENSCO Customer service hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday.


Where do I go to Re-Register?

Click here to re-register for PENSCO online account access.

What is a Contact ID and how do I find it?

If you haven't granted anyone rights to view your account - you will not have a Contact ID. 

Contact IDs are assigned to non-account owners, so that they can view accounts upon the request of a client.

If you currently have granted access to your account to a financial professional or relative, they will need to re-register as well. They will need the contact ID that was assigned to them when the right was granted as well as the account number associated with the account they have been granted access to. If there are any issues finding their contact ID or associated account number, please have them call client service at 866-381-7371.  

Additionally, we will no longer be allowing multiple users to register with the same email – if you have an account situation like this, please call customer service to discuss your options.