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Introducing New Self-Directed IRA Guest Bloggers for PENSCO

Mary Mohr

  |  By Curtis Glovier

As a self-directed IRA custodian, PENSCO aims to provide investors with the knowledge needed to manage alternative assets in their retirement accounts. One of the ways we do this is by educating investors about asset types, tax matters, and the latest industry news through our blog. To expand on the educational information we provide, we occasionally invite financial industry leaders and self-directed IRA experts to share information and discuss trends impacting alternative asset investing.

Today, we're excited to introduce two new guest bloggers to our readers: Our first guest contributor is Mary Mohr, executive director of the Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA), which she founded in 1987 after realizing the industry’s need for a single voice. Mary also founded the Savings Coalition of America, which was responsible for legislation enabling the creation of the Roth IRA. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and teaches at the IRA Institute, RITA’s educational program, which provides instruction and experiential learning for retirement industry employees. She holds a law degree and an MBA, and also has chaired the Colorado State Bank Board.

In future blog posts, Mary will help us understand everything from fraud prevention, to regulatory trends that affect retirement investors.

Our second guest contributor is Bryan Ellis, who will cover some of the nuts and bolts of self-directed IRAs. Bryan hosts the radio program "Self-Directed Investor Talk", and frequently contributes to media outlets including Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fox News and Think Realty. He has an extensive background in real estate and studied computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Below is my Q&A with Mary Mohr:

Curtis Glovier:
Tell our readers about the Retirement Industry Trust Association.

Mary Mohr: The Retirement Industry Trust Association, which just celebrated its 30-year anniversary, is a professional trade association comprised of alternative  asset IRA providers, such as PENSCO, who are dedicated professionals seeking high ethical standards in administrating retirement plan accounts. We address targeted legislative efforts as well as regulatory concerns.

CG: What is RITA’s long-term vision for the self-directed IRA industry?

MM: Ultimately, RITA wants to improve and expand opportunities for all Americans to invest and save for their retirement. Our vision is to lead industry knowledge and “best practices,” so our members can provide the highest levels of retirement account and alternative asset administration and custody services.

CG: What are some of the key issues that RITA is tackling today?

MM: We keep our pulse on the changing landscape with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule to make sure members are aware of any relevant changes; We’ve also been involved with the Government Accountability Office’s recent studies. For example, one of its recent recommendations was for the IRS to provide clearer guidance for investors on how to determine the fair market value of an alternative asset held in an IRA. We also regularly tackle initiatives on issues such as anti-fraud and cybersecurity.

CG: Where can people learn more about anti-fraud measures?

MM: We post information on our website and host annual conferences — the next one is October 18-20 in New Orleans.

We look forward to working with Mary on future blog posts. Her first post will focus on steps you can take to minimize your risk of fraud.

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