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Investing in Real Estate With a Self-Directed IRA [Podcast]

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  |  By Christopher Orr, SDIP

The stock market greeted 2016 with a horrendous week of trading that necessitated trading halts in China and prompted 100-point market swings in the United States.

These wild vacillations have provided investors with a stark reminder of the importance of portfolio diversification, including investing in assets beyond the stock market to avoid what seems to be nearly constant volatility.

At PENSCO, real estate is one of the most popular asset classes among our self-directed IRA clients. Investing in alternative assets, like real estate, can help to diversify a retirement portfolio and insulate it from wild market swings like the ones we've seen this year.

I recently had a chance to discuss how to invest in real estate using a self-directed IRA with Tina Mitchell of The Money Hour. In this podcast, we cover the ins and outs of investing in real estate with your self-directed IRA, including:

  • The advantages of using IRA funds to buy real estate
  • The types of real estate your self-directed IRA can purchase
  • How your IRA can invest in real estate if it doesn't have enough cash on hand to fund the transaction
  • Nuances to be aware of such as prohibited transactions and disqualified parties

To learn more about investing in real estate with a self-directed IRA, please download PENSCO's guide:

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