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a photo of Curtis Glovier and Tom Anderson

Pioneering the Self-Directed IRA

  |  By Curtis Glovier

Born in 1974, the original Individual Retirement Account (IRA) offered American workers a tax incentive to save for retirement. But because IRAs... Read this article »

Piggybank with glasses on book

Financial Literacy for Self-Directed IRA Investors

  |  By Christopher Orr, SDIP

Many investors use self-directed IRAs so they can put themselves in control of their retirement savings. Self-directed investors want to invest i... Read this article »

Woman shrugging

Self-Directed IRA: Direct vs. Indirect Real Estate Investing

  |  By Matthew White, CISP

Real estate is an attractive asset for many retirement savers. It is considered a long-term investment, which can correspond nicely with the long... Read this article »

Promissory note document

4 Ways to Invest in Promissory Notes with a Self-Directed IRA

  |  By Matthew White, CISP

At PENSCO, we make it possible for retirement investors to hold alternative assets in their self-directed IRAs. Owning alternative assets in an I... Read this article »

House Outline filled with Question Marks

A Q&A on Owning Single-Family Homes in an IRA

  |  By Matthew White, CISP

Buying a single-family home to hold as an investment property is a popular strategy among self-directed IRA holders. Investors can benefit not on... Read this article »