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What’s in your IRA: The Next Downton Abbey

  |  By Joseph Adams

There are a few things I admit to being obsessed with. I love spending time with my family, I am a huge fan of improv comedy and, without fail at this time of the year, I reserve my Sunday evenings for watching Downton Abbey.

Like most fans, I would love the opportunity to watch the filming of an episode or take a meeting with Julian Fellows to implore him to make his scenes at least one minute longer.  But what if I could have actually played a role in making a show like Downton Abbey come to life? And what if the success of the show could help to fund my retirement?

These types of dreams might sound completely out of reach but have become more attainable thanks to equity crowdfunding.  In the past, you would have needed some pretty amazing Hollywood connections to be given the opportunity to invest in the development of a new TV series or a movie. Today more and more investors are getting access to deals through crowdfunding websites, which allow accredited investors to receive equity in the venture they choose to back.

What’s more -- you can use your retirement dollars to invest in these opportunities. Self-directed IRAs allow investors to use tax-advantaged money to purchase non-exchange traded investments that are offered by many crowdfunding sites.    

So how can you even begin to find the next Downton Abbey?

One place to visit is The PENSCO Marketplace.™ It features crowdfunding sites that give accredited investors access to private placement opportunities in a number of industries, like television and film, tech, health care, consumer products, etc.  Recently added Indie Crowd Funder gives fans the ability to invest in what they want Hollywood and their favorite stars to create.

Does that sound risky?   I think that all depends on your personal knowledge, time horizon and risk profile.  All investments come with risks and crowdfunding is no exception. Be sure to do your due diligence on any investment opportunity and work with a financial professional whom you trust.   And for goodness sake do not take Lord Grantham’s advice on any investments (Do you remember when he suggested they look into investing with Mr. Ponzi?)

This Blog does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice nor does it evaluate, recommend or endorse any advisory firm or investment vehicle. Investments are not FDIC insured and are subject to risk, including the loss of principal.