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The Power of PENSCO for CPAs, Attorneys, and Real Estate Professionals

As a CPA, attorney or real estate expert, you may find yourself increasingly assisting clients in making alternative investments using IRA dollars. Partnering with PENSCO can help you expand your self-directed IRA expertise to better serve clients who are eager to invest in alternative assets.

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What's in It for You

PENSCO works with professionals who want to understand and gain expertise in the complexities of using retirement funds to invest in alternative assets and provide their clients with the widest range of investments options possible.

What's in It for Your Clients

  • A seamless online experience
  • Access to top experts
  • Fast, professional and unmatched service

As the premier self-directed IRA service provider, PENSCO offers your clients unsurpassed premier client services.  

Working With PENSCO

  • Meet the demands of self-directed IRA investors
  • Take advantage of this often overlooked source of capital
  • Help clients avoid market volatility with alternative investments

PENSCO is the most trusted self-directed IRA custodian with 30 years of experience dealing directly with alternative investments in self-directed IRAs. Work with the industry leader and leverage the power of PENSCO to exceed your clients’ expectations and build your business.