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The Power of PENSCO for Financial Advisors

Although PENSCO specializes in the custody of alternative assets, we also hold traditional client assets, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We can hold all your assets in one place, simplifying your custodial needs. Your clients will also benefit from our preferred pricing schedule to establish a PENSCO account and purchase alternative asset investments.

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What's in It for You

  • PENSCO Advisor Portal
  • Portfolio management integration
  • Digital efficiency
  • Deal Office access

PENSCO provides advisors with a simple-to-navigate, paperless processing system and e-signature feature, ensuring your investors will have a seamless experience funding their chosen investment. Advisors can also leverage our extensive knowledge of investment structures and retirement account requirements available from our Deal Office.

What's in It for Your Clients

  • Preferred pricing
  • A seamless online experience
  • Access to top experts
  • Fast, professional and unmatched service

In addition to benefitting from our preferred pricing to establish a PENSCO account, your clients are also able to open, fund and invest all online. Clients will also have access to our Premier Client Service Team and the benefit of working with an IRA custodian with more than 25 years of experience.

Working With PENSCO

  • Hold all your clients’ assets in one place
  • Meet the demands of self-directed IRA investors
  • Preferred pricing for clients
  • Unmatched expertise

PENSCO is the most trusted self-directed IRA custodian with more than 25 years of experience dealing directly with alternative investments in self-directed IRAs. Work with the industry leader and leverage the power of PENSCO to exceed your clients’ expectations and build your business.