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The Power of PENSCO for Investment Platforms

As an investment platform or equity crowdfunder representing multiple companies seeking to raise funds, some of your investment opportunities may be IRA-eligible and require the assistance of a custodian, such as PENSCO. As an investment platform looking to stay ahead of the pack and reach more IRA investors, PENSCO's Custodian Connect™ can help you simplify what is normally a complex process.

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What's in It for You

PENSCO offers several technologies that streamline the holding of alternative assets in an IRA. In addition to our Custodian Connect and Alt-Nav technology, our online Asset Valuation Tool allows you to submit annual valuations quickly and easily. By working with PENSCO, you will also be able to leverage our extensive knowledge of investment structures and retirement account requirements.

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What's in It for Your Clients

  • A seamless online experience
  • Access to top experts
  • Fast, professional and unmatched service

As the leading self-directed IRA service provider, PENSCO offers your investors unsurpassed premier client services as well as preferred pricing to establish a PENSCO account and purchase alternative asset investments.

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Working With PENSCO

  • Meet the demands of self-directed IRA investors
  • Take advantage of this often overlooked source of capital
  • Expand the account choices you provide your clients

PENSCO is a most trusted self-directed IRA custodian with 30 years of experience dealing directly with alternative assets held in self-directed IRAs. Work with the industry leader and leverage the power of PENSCO to exceed your clients’ expectations and build your business.