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Custodian Connect™: Seamlessly integrate an IRA account opening within your platform experience

Own your client experience.

PENSCO Custodian Connect will help you reach more IRA investors through your platform, all within a seamless client experience. Custodian Connect APIs will enable you to develop a fully integrated end-to-end paperless process — eliminating duplication of data entry — with digital consent and Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) to expedite transfers. All this, with institutional quality relationship management and the client service you need behind it.

End-to-end integration. 

You've worked hard to tailor your online client experience to your offering.  We don't want to change that.  But if you're looking to extend your reach and give clients the option to invest through an IRA, you need a custodian with alternative asset expertise.  

That's where we come in.  PENSCO provides you with alternative asset custodian expertise, developed over years of service, but also with an understanding that your brand and client experience is paramount.  That's why Custodian Connect is designed to integrate with your platform, to optimize your reach while minimizing disruption to your client experience.

Reach More Investors


Faster Account Opening & Funding

Tap into the $8.8 Trillion IRA market* by offering your investors the option to use IRA funds within your platform investment experience.

Your clients will never leave your platform and only enter their information once – making it faster and easier for everyone.

Custodian Connect allows for faster account opening and funding of investments through a paperless process with digital consent (click & agree) and Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS)1.

Robust APIs for developers

Our objective is to provide your platform with an efficient and streamlined means to provide your clients with the option to invest in your offerings with an IRA.

Custodian Connect delivers on this premise through a set of APIs that your platform will use to communicate with our platform through:

  • REST API services to third party institutions to enable integration and improve communications between third party platform clients and PENSCO.
  • PENSCO Trust APIs are restricted by the third party IP addresses. In addition, all API calls require an API Token that is registered specifically to your institution/platform.


* Investment Company Institute data (4/29/2019)

1. Some accounts or securities may not qualify for transfer using the ACATS system, in this case a signed transfer request form will be required.